Dear Students,

Welcome to the website of the Faculty of Chemical Sciences. In it you will find general information as well as information regarding the curriculum of the four degrees taught at this Faculty: Undergraduate Degree in Chemistry, Undergraduate Degree in Chemical Engineering, Licentiate Degree in Chemistry, and Chemical Engineering.

In the academic year 2010-2011 we first offered the Undergraduate Degree in Chemistry and the Undergraduate Degree in Chemical Engineering as adapted to the European Higher Education Area (EHEA). The need to reconcile these studyes with the two Licentiate Degrees required a coordination and agreement effort that involved both students and teachers and that we wish to thank here.

All the information has been prepared with dedication and care by all the members of the Faculty of Chemical Sciences - Dean's Office members, teachers and administration and services staff - to provide students, who are the main target, with relevant and useful information about any activities they should know about as students of any of these four degrees of the University of Salamanca, and which they might be required to complete during the academic year.

We hope you have a good 2012-2013 Academic Year and we offer all our support and assistance for the achievement of the goals set for this academic year.

The members of the Dean's Office



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